LDFA Is proud to recognize Erin Bonning as our July Spotlight! Since joining LD in December, Erin has attended over 80 group classes, and has effectively made her former sedentary lifestyle a thing of the past. We are proud of her for all the progress she has made, especially the push-ups on your toes, and look forward to coaching her in the next 80 classes and beyond!
Q: What have you enjoyed the most about the group classes?
A: The sparkling wit and debonair style of the trainers, obviously! Seriously, all of the people involved make LDF a great place to work out – the coaches are attentive and provide plenty of motivation, and the people who come to class are welcoming and serious about working out. I also like the group class style with varying exercises that rotate quickly. I don’t have to think about what I’m going to be doing, which is an advantage regardless of whether it’s 6 a.m. or 6 p.m.. And, if it’s something I’m no good at <looks sideways at the bosu> it won’t last long.
Q: What were your goals when you started attending classes? What did you want to get out of them.
A: I was really just looking for any kind of regular fitness program that I could do, that I could stick with, and that had some external motivation. I’d been living a pretty slothful and sedentary lifestyle for a few years, and I wanted to get out of that rut and into a routine where I was more active and healthy. It turns out that it was pretty easy to make the jump to regularly attending classes, so that worked out well.
Q: What positive changes have you experienced related to your health and wellness, since starting the group classes.
A: My first class was on a Thursday, so I figured if it went well, I’d try that Saturday’s class next. haha. Thanks to that Thursday workout, all weekend plans involving getting up and going places got cancelled! Compared to that, I’ve definitely noticed major improvement over the last six months. I’m making pretty steady progress with the weights I can lift, and my endurance is a lot better than it was. A few weeks ago, I started doing pushups on my toes, which was a big milestone. I’m also feeling a lot more energetic in my day-to-day life as well.
Q: What advice would you have for someone who wants to start a regular fitness routine but has no idea where to begin?
A: One of my problems was that I kept waiting for a “good time” to start, and that always ended up being next week, which became next month, and then it was next year, and so on. So, don’t do that! It will probably never be the perfect time, so just sign up for [whatever the thing is] and start doing it, even if the stars aren’t 100% perfectly aligned. Things will work out in the end if you put the effort in.

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