Q: How long have you been at LD?
A: I’ve been at LD for a little over four months now.

Q: What were your goals coming in?
A: My three main goals were to gain some muscle mass, improve my endurance, and improve my mobility (especially with regards to my hamstrings).

Q: What is your favorite part about training with Hannah?
A: There are really two big things I like about training with her. The first is that she’s always pretty high energy which helps to keep me going on some of the tougher workouts. The second is that she know’s my limits pretty well and pushes me harder than I would if I was just training by myself.

Q: What progress have you made?
A: I’ve put on around ten pounds at this point and I’m definitely much stronger than I used to be.

Q: Have you accomplished anything you never thought you would/could prior to starting personal training with Hannah?
A: My hamstrings were so tight I never thought I would be able to touch my toes without a lot of knee bending, and now I can do that pretty easily. Other than that I never really thought I would do deadlifting because I was always afraid I would injure myself. I’ve still got some work to do on my form there, but I’m much more confident doing it now.

Q: What progress/accomplishments mean the most to you?
A: The improvement in my endurance is probably what means the most to me. I realized just how much I had improved when I was doing a very steep hike that I had done before and didn’t have to stop every few hundred feet to catch my breath.

Q: How has your day to day life improved?
A: The biggest improvement in my day to day life would probably have to be my posture. I’ve noticed that I stand up much straighter now, and I don’t slouch when I’m sitting at my desk any more which has made me feel much better overall.

Congrats Cody! Keep up the great work. We are proud of you!

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