Experience:NASM Certified Personal Trainer



Certified Personal Trainer


Sports and physical fitness have been a passion of mine ever since I can remember. I grew up playing competitive basketball, soccer, and golf. After graduating from high-school I made the decision to shift my focus from sports performance training to academics. While attending the University of Florida I accepted a full-time position as student manager for the women’s basketball team where I assisted in player development, team operations, and recruiting. As a full-time student working long hours, I found myself struggling to prioritize my own fitness. I was lucky enough to come across a local CrossFit gym where I quickly developed a strong interest in functional fitness. As a former team sport athlete, being my own motivator was a new concept to me. I found extreme satisfaction in relying on myself to accomplish my performance goals. As I became more and more passionate about training, it felt natural to start sharing that passion with others. After graduating from UF with a degree in psychology, I decided to move to Atlanta to pursue my dream of coaching. I am especially fascinated with identifying and correcting faulty movement patterns and increasing the overall mobility of my clients. Whether someone wants to safely carry around their kids, compete in a local fitness competition, lose weight or develop better nutritional habits, I am committed to helping people in any stage of fitness and from all different backgrounds accomplish their goals.