Experience:B.A. Biological Sciences - Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports - Medicine (NASM) - Performance Enhancement Specialization - NASM



Certified Personal Trainer


As a kid, and all through high school and my young 20s, I was very skinny (6’3, 145lbs at 18 years old) . That, paired with my above average height, was always a point of embarrassment for me. “Beanpole,” “Skinny,” and “Weakling” were names I’d be associated with during those lengthy, formative years. As I reached my late twenties and beginning 30s, I’d realized that I had slipped into the other end of the spectrum, reaching my heaviest weight of 240 pounds at 32 years old, and it was not mostly muscle.

I’ve always been extremely interested in superheroes. It was never only because they’re awesome and show that good prevails, but because they’re usually sporting tremendous physiques. I’ve always wanted that. Batman, Wolverine, Captain America, Thor, Superman… All of these: fictional characters; but then they started becoming characters in films played by real-life people. “How did they get *insert actor* to look like that for this role? He never looked anything like that before!”

This is where my interest in fitness was founded.

My path, unfortunately, is the one MOST traveled by – knowing exactly what I want, knowing what needs to be done to get it, but falling short in discipline, which would inevitably cause years of my life to pass by while I hated how I looked. It was time to do something. I started working out with a trainer in my hometown of Millville, NJ, and together we started my path to put on some muscle and shed some of the unwanted weight I’d gained. The results were coming, but as it does, life got in the way and I stopped working out as much and started eating more…MUCH more. At 32, and 240lbs, I decided I needed permanent change. I worked to earn my CPT and PES from NASM, and my training has been much better and MUCH more consistent. I’ve lost 35 pounds in 3 months from my own curriculum of training, and I have a bit of a distance to go until they’re banging on my door to take over the role of Wolverine, but I’m working at it.

This is what I believe makes me a great trainer. I come from the same place so many other people do. I wasn’t “gifted” genetically, I wasn’t in a group of athletes constantly to keep myself accountable. It just took me waking up one day and saying that something needed to change.

Now I have the knowledge and the tools to take what I’ve learned from NASM, and from my own training, to help people get to where they want to be in their own fitness journeys.